over the age of 14

a complex theatre-education performance aimed audience

Dramaturgy: Orsolya Nagy

Puppet design: Balázs Schuller

Scenery design: József Getto

Directed bv Zoltán Tóth

Music composed and performed by the puppeteers involved

Performed by Dániel Czéh, Lóránt Matta, Melinda Papp, Zsófia Kocsis as a guest performer, Tamás Keresztény as a guest performer.

There is a family. The Vajdas. This is a kind of decent family: there is no divorce; they can make ends meet and even love each other. However, after a while, it turns our that the desires and visions of the members of the family can only be met at the cost of conflicting one another. Sooner or later, the parent might suddenly be confronted by the same sentences they used to say as a child, and all of a sudden, they face themselves... And Facebook hasn’t even been brought up yet.

A complex theatre-education performance – playing, situations, questions for groups of students over the age of 14, teachers, parents and their children.

The performance was created in cooperation with the Escargot’s Barge Theatre-Education Association.

The performance was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund.

A television feature film was made based on the performance.

Place of the performance: Chamber Hall/ Escargo Room Theatre
Duration: approx. 120 minutes

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