keddtől- péntekig 8.30-15.30 között, hétvégén az előadások előtt 1 órával

Season tickets for performances can only be purchased at the ticket office!

We kindly ask our visitors to arrive at the puppet theatre taking into account the start time of the performances, as we will not be able to seat late arrivals (this also applies to ticket holders) in the auditorium, as this would disturb the performance and our audience sitting in the auditorium.

No food and drink is allowed to be brought into the Lajos Kós Hall or the Chamber Hall!

We ask you to turn off or mute your mobile phones during the performances, and refrain from taking photos or videos.

For our visitors arriving with babies, "baby-mommy" nook is available in the Fairy Tale Corner on the first floor (left of the entrance of the puppet museum), where babies can be quieted and breastfed in relaxed circumstances.


Tickets and season tickets for puppet shows for 4-10 year olds:

Ticket price for the performances: 2400 Ft/fő

Ticket prices for youth performances: 3000 Ft/fő

Tündér Fairy season ticket (for 2 performances of your choice): 3600 Ft

Witch season ticket (for 3 performances of your choice): 5400 Ft

Magic Steed season ticket (for 4 performances of your choice): 7200 Ft


(The prices also include the entrance ticket to the Puppet Museum!)

Toddler-theatre ticket and season ticket prices (for children under 3 years of age):

Ticket price for Toddler-theatre performances: 1800 Ft/fő

Bérlet 2 tetszés szerinti alkalomra: 3000 Ft

Bérlet 3 tetszés szerint választott alkalomra: 4500 Ft

Bérlet 4 tetszés szerinti alkalomra: 6000 Ft


(The prices also include the entrance ticket to the Puppet Museum!)

Puppet-making tickets

Jegyár a bábkészítő foglalkozásokra: 2000 Ft


2 foglalkozásra: 3600 Ft

3 foglalkozásra: 5400 Ft

4 foglalkozásra: 7200 Ft



Combined season ticket

Puppet show or puppet making in any proportion for 2, 3 or 4 occasions
(Pl.: 2 előadás + 1 bábkészítő foglalkozás 2x 1800 + 1x 1800 = 5400 Ft)

 Puppet Museum: 

Ticket price: HUF 1000 /person
For groups (from 10 people) HUF 850 /person