Puppet museum

In the first room of our three-room puppet museum, children can try out the puppets from the previous performances of the Bóbita Puppet Theatre, which have already been removed from the show, so they can get to know the different puppet techniques.

The central hall is the venue for temporary exhibitions. Every season we welcome our guests with new exhibitions, including creative exhibitions, the introduction of a Hungarian or foreign puppet theater, as well as exciting exhibition materials from the collection of the National Theater History Museum and Institute.

In the third room, the puppets of Bóbita's founder, Lajos Kós, can be seen as a permanent exhibition.

(thematic exhibition of the Bóbita Puppet Theater) 

In fairy tales, heroes and heroines, helpers and adversaries are not exclusively human figures, but often animals: small, large, domestic and forest, jungle dwellers, water creatures, ordinary or magical. In the puppet museum's zoo without bars and fences, visitors can meet and get to know the "animal" puppet heroes of Bóbita.

The title of the exhibition is simultaneously a tribute to the highly successful performance of the Bóbita puppet group in 1984, directed by Lajos Kós, and to the founder, Lajos Kós as well.

The exhibition can be visited October 21, 2023 until April 20, 2024.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 9.00-16.00
Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday: CLOSED!

Ticket price:

HUF 1000 /person

Group ticket (from 10 person):

HUF 850 /person



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