Longleg outdoor performance

(outdoor play with stilts and giant puppets)

The legend of Szársomlyó hill was adapted to puppet theatre and directed by Gábor Sramó
Dramaturgy: Melinda Papp
Designed by Boros Dorottya
Performed by Dániel Czéh/ Attila Rácz, Barbara Szalai, Máté Arató, Melinda Papp
Musicians: Tamás Czigány as a guest/Zoltán Komlóczi as a guest, Lóránt Matta

Legend has it that Szársomlyó hill near Villány was ploughed by the devil himself. What for? The devil was craving for Harka, the daughter of an old witch from a nearby village of Nagyharsány, but he could get her only on the condition of ploughing the rocky hillside before dawn. He almost managed to, but the witch devised another trick to save her daughter from being taken by the devil.
Our outdoor play evokes the legends of the "Devil's Cauldron" by means of stilts, giant puppets and invigorating music.

Duration of the performance is approx. 25-30 minutes. It is recommended for outdoor events.


In the wizard's castle, an abducted princess is hoping to be rescued, while in giant tree of another wizard, a prince turned into a raven is waiting for the arrival of his saviour.

Participants jump on a magic swan or horse and can acquire magic items with the help of various fairytale figures (a blacksmith, a miller, a medicine woman, a water fairy, etc.).
They can use the magic items to free the princess or turn the enchanted prince back into a human. Dexterity, shrewdness, strength and willingness to play – that's all it takes and you're ready to play!

The area required for the thematic playground: 3×15 meters, in a different arrangement it is a circle with a diameter of 12-14 metres. Animators as game masters are provided to help children.
It can also be ordered for children's events, festivals, large events in schools or kindergartens.


Our giant puppets are 3-3.5 m high each, and each of them are moved by 1 person.

Every puppet depicts national puppet heroes well-known in Europe, namely:

László the Valiant, Pulcinella, Punch and Judy, Kasperle, Kasparek, Karagöz, Guignol.

The march and dance of huge, characteristic figures can be an exciting extravaganza of any outdoor event from late spring to early autumn.