Dramatized and directed by: Rozi Kocsis (Blattner Géza prize winning director)
A bábokat, díszleteket tervezte: Bódiné Kövecses Anna, Nagy-Kovács Géza
A bábokat, díszleteket készítette: Bódiné Kövecses Anna, Fekete Hajnalka, Szijártó Éva, Nagy-Kovács Géza
Music by Viki Rab

Játsszák: Szalai Barbara, Arató Máté 

To move under the table, build a house there, invite guests, bake or cook some yummy food, find treasures in the cave beneath the table are just the privilege of the little ones. And, we, the ever-so-clever adults, just elbowing on the table, looking at them and feeling envy because we can't get under the table. And it just goes beyond our comprehension how the people of under the table dare to stand up on a chair, ride away on their chair-stallion, and fly away as far as the stars.

The performance is held at: Chamber hall
Duration of the performance: 20-25 minutes + playing together for 20-25 minutes with the participants

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