Dramatized and directed by Rozi Kocsis (Blattner prize winning puppet artist) 

Music by Viki Rab 

Designed by Mária Sz. Nagy 

The puppets and sets were made by: Anna Bódiné Kövecses, Hajnalka Fekete, Géza Nagy Kovács 

Performed by Dalma Szabó as a guest, Attila Rácz/ Máté Arató

Eating is fun!

Eating is almost as enjoyable as playing, but the best of all is playing and eating at the same time. Especially when you play having breakfast, having lunch, having tea, having dinner: playing with dumplings like balls, or noodles like small earthworms …

The performance is held at: Chamber hall

Duration of the performance: 25 minutes + 25 minutes playing

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