For children over 5 years of age

Based on a Hungarian folk tale, written and directed for puppet stage by Milada Boráros
Dramaturgy: Melinda Papp
Puppet and scenery design by Panna Kárpáti
Scenery expert: Géza Nagy Kovács
A bábokat, díszleteket készíti: Bódiné Kövecses Anna, Fekete Hajnalka, Horváth Csenge Réka, Nagy Kovács Géza
Music composed by Gábor Schulteisz
Játsszák: Szalai Barbara, Szabó Dalma m.v., Arató Máté, Matta Lóránt, Rácz Attila, Tatai Gergő, Lenti Konrád Hunor

Photography by Lajos Kalmar

Orphaned Cerceruska and her little sister work for a wicked, tyrannical woman in exchange for food and shelter, but mistreatment makes them run away one day. The angry woman casts a curse on the fugitives whereby the younger girl turns into a deer, so they have nowhere to go, and they are left alone in the middle of the forest. Yet their journey together leads to a happy ending, even though neither chance nor magic helps them out of trouble. 

What special skills do these two girls have? 

Accompany them on their adventures, and perhaps you will find out.

Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Az előadás tervezett időtartama: 55 perc

Opening night: March 9, 2024

The performance was realized with to the support of the Human Resources Support Management Agency.

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