For children aged 4 and older

Written and drawn by Katalin Szegedi
Adapted to puppet stage by Hanna Cseri
Dramaturgy: Eszter Zrinyifalvi
Designed by Vivien Virág
A bábokat, díszleteket készítette: Bódiné Kövecses Anna, Fekete Hajnalka, Nagy-Kovács Géza
Music composed by and directed by Hanna Cseri
Performed by Máté Arató, Barbara Szalai, Melinda Papp and Lóránt Matta
Contributors: Hunor Konrád Lenti, Gergő Tatai

Lenka, a girl curvier than average, is often mocked by children – just like Palko, a boy skinnier than average. Lenka draws her wonderful pictures alone, while Palko's companionship is made up of books. The two kids meet on the playground, marvel at each other, and from then on neither of them is lonely or excluded anymore, as they have a real friend. They don’t mind the curvy or skinny figure of the other and then manage to accept themselves as well, and self-acceptance is one of the greatest steps a person takes towards a relaxed and happy life.

Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

The performance was realized with to the support of the Human Resources Support Management Agency.

Photography by Lajos Kalmar

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