For children aged 4 and older

Adapted to puppet stage after the novel with the same title by Otfried Preussler by Melinda Papp and Jankó Schneider
Designed by Erik Grosschmid
Music by Bulcsú Babarci
Directed by Jankó Schneider
Játsszák: Arató Máté, Czéh Dániel m.v., Papp Melinda, Szalai Barbara, Matta Lóránt
Untermann, zenei közreműködő: Lenti Konrád Hunor

What could be a perfect birthday present to a coffee and music lover grandmother? How about a coffee grinder that plays a tune when coffee is ground? It was a clever idea by Braveheart Leslie and Kasperle, – but, unfortunately, the dreaded robber, Hotzenplotz also picks out the wonderful machine, and steals it right away. The smart Kasperle and his good friend, Leslie Braveheart follows Hotzenplotz to reclaim granny’s gift, but their plan does not play out as planned. 
Our heroes then face heavy tasks such as polishing the boots of the robber, peeling barrels of potatoes for a wizard, and then the liberation of a fairy who had been turned into a toad by a wicked curse...

Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance: 50 minutes

Permission of the author's heirs is provided by Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH. and was mediated by Hofra Kft.
The fairy tale with the same name was published by Kolibri Publisher, translated by Lídia Nádori.
The performance was realized with to the support of the Human Resources Support Management Agency.

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