(for children over the age of 3)

The performance was created and performed by Ilona Illés and Gabi Csizmadia

Angels full of love and light,

Come down into our hearts tonight,

As we dream and as we sleep,

Please hold us in your love complete.

But there are some who think although it is time to go to bed, the game is not over. Even though the sun has set, you can still play well in bed. And in spite of the fact that the moon is sitting on the top of the chimney, you can conjure a lake and the river of the blanket. The pillows and cushions wake up in a snap, grow heads and legs and a lovely fairy tale can unfold.

Animal fairy tales from the bedroom where whatever gets into the hands of the actors, will all come to life.

The performance is held at: Chamber hall

Duration of the performance: 20 minutes + playing together for 20 minutes with the participants

The performance was created in cooperation with Kerek Perec Troupe.

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