For children aged 4 and older

The original folk tale collected by János Berze Nagy was adapted to puppet theatre stage by Viktória Éva Nagy and Jankó Schneider 

Designed by Judit Bodor

A bábokat, díszleteket készítette: Bodor Judit, Bódiné Kövecses Anna, Fekete Hajnalka, Nagy Kovács Géza 

Music by Zoltán Samu Csernák

Directed by Jankó Schneider

Performed by: Melinda Papp and Lóránt Matta

Untermann: Lenti Konrád Hunor

Once upon a time there was a poor woman who was so poor indeed that even her mice went begging to her neighbours. This woman had a son. The boy was so clever that he outwitted even the devils: he stole their most precious treasure, the magic padlock. 

He was doing very well after that; he even married the king’s daughter.

However, one should be careful , because the devil never grants long leases…

Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance: 45 minutes

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